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Thanksgiving 2021


Lost Maples State Park Color, 11/01/2008
Thanksgiving 2021
National Anthem at NY Islanders game
Guadalupe River, Oct. 2021
Lost Maples August 2021
Bastrop State Park 6/2021
Anniversary #36, 5/2021
Big Snow Storm, Feb 2021
Garner, October 2020
Lost Maples August 2020
Easter 2020
GP is 80
Christmas 2019
Thanksgiving 2019-Shannon & Mike
Garner State Park, October 2019
Brazos Bend, August 2019
Davis Mountains SP, July 2019
Caprock Canyons, May 2019
Brazos Bend 2019
Christmas 2018
Davis Mountains SP 2018
Enchanted Rock, 2018
Lake Texana 2017, 2018
Brazos Bend, December 2017
Vegas in Texas, July-Aug. 2017
McKinney Falls April 2017
LCHS 50 year Reunion
Lost Maples January 2017
California 2016
Garner with Tidballs, Nov. 2016
Israel October 2016
Davis Mountains, Aug. 2016
Google Earth Car
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